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Have you heard of diamond paintings? This luxe craft project is perfect for anyone who needs some sparkle in their life!


Like paint by numbers kits, diamond paintings have a design already mapped out for you. But instead of painting in those areas, you glue down fake diamonds of various shapes and colors. This unique texture adds dimension and some extra visual appeal. The sparkly results are mesmerizing! If you enjoy doing paint by numbers, cross stitch, or similar crafts, then you’ll love our 5D diamond painting kits.


Diamond Painting Kits: Everything’s Included!

With our kits, you get everything you need for your diamond painting: your canvas, diamonds, glue, pen, tweezers, and even a tray for easy organization while you work. You also get a box for storing all your supplies. We have so many fun designs available you’re sure to find one that suits your personal style!


How To Create a Diamond Painting

  • Choose a color and pour some of the diamonds of that color into the tray.
  • Dip the tip of your applicator pen into the sticky wax to help you pick up diamonds, then touch the tool to the rounded side of a diamond to pick it up.
  • Alternatively, you can use tweezers to pick up the diamond.
  • Peel back part of the plastic film—but don’t remove it all the way.
  • Then, start applying diamonds onto the adhesive layer of your canvas. There are shapes on the canvas that correspond with different colors of diamonds, so you know which diamonds to place where.
  • Once you’ve applied all the diamonds to your canvas, you should replace the plastic film, then stack some books on top of your finished diamond painting secure the diamonds onto the adhesive surface.


The result is a stunning piece of art that was easy to make!


Why You’ll Love Your 5D Diamond Painting

Assembling a 5D diamond painting is a great activity for crafters young and old. It’s an easy way to express your creativity. You can let go and just follow the directions of your kit. It’s fun to use your hands, enjoy the vibrance and the colors, and create something unique to display in your home.


If you have an appreciation for the arts (or shiny things!) but don’t have much skill or training, that’s okay! You don’t need a lot of creativity or artistic ability to make a diamond painting. The directions are easy to follow, but the results are impressive. The finished painting will wow your friends and make you beam with pride.


How to Use a Diamond Painting

Diamond painting kits or even a finished diamond painting make great gifts. If you want a certain image made into a diamond painting, we offer custom diamond paintings you can create based off that photo. They’re a fun activity for kids and grown-ups—or a great project for kids to complete with their parents. They’re easy and relaxing! Diamond paintings make something out of nothing. It’s fun to see a colorful design emerge because of your effort.


With time and patience, you’ll end up with a mesmerizing, impressive 5D diamond painting!

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